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Sep 2018
Sep 05 2018 04:49
Was this the question? You can play with the GraphQL API there
Marcin Gębala
Sep 05 2018 07:20
@stephenmoloney You can quickly test the current API using the link above. We are in the middle of development with the API I guess - a lot of the endpoints is already available but at the same time we are building two client apps - the new dashboard and the new storefront as well are both single-page apps that utilize this API. While building them we validate the endpoints and adjust them accordingly.
Stephen Moloney
Sep 05 2018 07:29
Exactly, that was the link I was looking for, @fryansfdc, this will be useful for seeing the current state of development of graphql.
Marcin Gębala
Sep 05 2018 07:34
@fryansfdc Thanks for you kind words about our graphics design, I'll tell that our designers :) I'd say the API as in the current shape should be ready to start developing a mobile client. You can assume that over next few months it will have all the endpoints to satisfy the needs a storefront or dashboard may have. Regarding your concerns about different inventory options - I'd like to hear more about your use-case to give a more accurate answer.
Marcin Gębala
Sep 05 2018 08:59

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, we released a new version of Saleor yesterday!

Read our blog post for more info:
Full release notes on Github:

A big thank you for your contributions, questions and support!

Alexander Bayagin
Sep 05 2018 13:16


Hi! Simple "docker-compose run ..." doesn't work out-of-box for current version (following "Using Docker for Development" docs page).

It's due to docker-compose.yml mounts current development directory via volumes. collectstatic & populatedb commands then try to access /app/media & /app/static/assets directories that don't exist in checkout code version (only in the built docker image).

Am I missing something? It seems that I need to run npm builds after checkout in dev directory anyway OR change the docker-compose volumes to use only built image filesystem

Alexander Bayagin
Sep 05 2018 13:38

Sorry, just found the commit and the reason "- reintroduce bind-mount as targetted to development rather than

So, this docker-compose.yml is just for development and I need to run npm build steps after checkout anyway (not mentioned in the docs).

Thank you for your great work