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Sep 2018
Chonlarnatt Poonchattakarn
Sep 06 2018 03:24
Anyone know what's wrong with docker-compose up, it's been taking almost one day now -_- creating thumbnail for products.
I'm new to docker, and trying to run saleor according to docker docs page.
Pete Dermott
Sep 06 2018 07:45
Hey everyone, probably a super dumb question. What is the recommended way to modify functionality in Saleor? For example, in my project we need to include a couple of extra fields for our products and their variants (MPN and GTIN) so far I've being just adding this stuff into the core saleor/products/ file, however I'm starting to realise that it's going to be become painful when I want to merge in changes from the core team. Is it better to use inheritance and define my own product models and methods?
Marcin Gębala
Sep 06 2018 08:15
Hey @petedermott, unfortunately there is no better way to update Saleor, than merging change from our master. Saleor was designed as a forkable ecommerce base that you can take and do with it whatever you need, directly in it's source code. I'd say the approach you've taken is the right one. One of our goals is to separate the presentation layers to single-page apps and to keep the core business logic + the API in Python, which should make to update process easier in the future.
Pete Dermott
Sep 06 2018 08:20
Thanks @elwoodxblues, I know development as a group can be difficult on projects like this. I've been slack and never written tests or even made a note of the changes that I've made for my own code so I think starting again with a clean code base of the latest version may be my best bet.
Patryk Zawadzki
Sep 06 2018 09:49
@dongdooo I think there’s a bug where without —rm the populatedb just keeps restarting and creating more and more products
Lokesh Sanapalli
Sep 06 2018 10:28

trying to enable silk , but getting this error on doing python -m pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pygments' Consider using the--useroption or check the permissions.

I am doing it by docker-compose run web bash.

Sep 06 2018 19:29
Hi guys, I am trying to use email service to reset password. But I didn't receive any email, when I click send email. Anyone knows the reason?
Josh Peterson
Sep 06 2018 22:07
@haoyuc1_twitter are you running locally or cloud somewhere?
I'm trying to understand the difference between product type and category. What are each supposed to be used for? I've read but don't get it
Sep 06 2018 23:20
@joshkpeterson I am running cloud. I just found the problem.