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Sep 2018
Patryk Zawadzki
Sep 07 2018 14:47
@joshkpeterson production types define the product’s behavior (does it need to be shipped, what fields does it have) while categories are used for grouping things together for the customer
@joshkpeterson it would be great if you could submit clarifications as pull requests to our docs
Josh Peterson
Sep 07 2018 18:58
Thanks @patrys! I'll think that over and see if/where I can add anything
Sep 07 2018 19:03
hi guys... Need help with "python migrate
step 6... 'help'..
Josh Peterson
Sep 07 2018 19:05
What happens when you run that command? Did you do "python makemigrations" first?
Sep 07 2018 19:09
@joshkpeterson it tells me NameError: name 'XXXXXXXX' is not definded
Justin Kolnick
Sep 07 2018 20:32
Hey everyone! I'm new to saleor and have been caught by a weird version error when running
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
It stops at Collecting yarl==1.2.6 (from -r requirements.txt (line 129)) and says
No matching distribution found for yarl==1.2.6
with a bunch of other version numbers. Any help is appreciated!
Josh Peterson
Sep 07 2018 21:31
@Lebzanwa what changes did you just make to your model? Maybe more of the trace would be useful for us to see