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Sep 2018
Hamid Reza Hassanzadeh
Sep 13 2018 01:10
sorry for the naive question can I ask how I can pull the demo branch?
Josh Peterson
Sep 13 2018 04:36
Hey folks. I need to do Stripe Connect, and I'm trying to get a sense of the development effort to make that happen.
It looks like people use things like
Can I just add that module and write a couple calls to stripe to create charges, or do I need to completely rip out django-payments and refactor a ton of existing logic relating to that?
Louison Diogo
Sep 13 2018 09:31
I can't find an answer to my question so I try to ask you here. I would like to know if it is possible to reference in the storefront via a hrek link and a url tag a category from the catalog ?
Tell me if I'm not clear
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 13 2018 10:39
@hassanzadeh we are using tags to release demo store. Usually they're tagged like demo/version, with latest one being demo/v2018.08
@diolk49 You need to edit the template manually, we have no mechanism to perform such an action from the dashboard, but you can include them in the Menu
@joshkpeterson have no experience with this package, don't really know how that works
Josh Peterson
Sep 13 2018 15:08
@Pacu2 Thank you. How tightly couples are django-payments and saleor in case I do need to swap it out?