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Sep 2018
Sep 15 2018 15:51
how can I add Brand as a Menu and display products based on brand ?
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 15 2018 17:17
@joshkpeterson I think it should not be difficult if you can plug your solution into the BasePayment flow, in such case everything else should be handled automatically
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 15 2018 18:00
@Lebzanwa I'm afraid that this kind of actions is not really Saleor-related, and we cannot help you as good as some other communities which are oriented for your specific operating system.
@yogesh-kamble You could create a collection for products specific to some brand, or if they're within one category - enter the category, filter the results, copy the URL with filtering entered and paste it into the MenuItem as custom url.
@mfcovington We were planning to integrate Avalara but as far as I'm concerned it's postponed now. We have a vatlayer support which handles only European countries. If you mind handling this, we would offer you our full support throughout the development.