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Sep 2018
Sep 18 2018 04:55 UTC
i want to add an extra payment gateway in saleor ( ). how do i integrate as new app
Use this package
Sep 18 2018 06:17 UTC
Thank you :)
Николай Инкогнито
Sep 18 2018 09:44 UTC
Hi all, can explaine. For what need graphql, for dashboard 2.0 for SPA? graphql replace django.models ?
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 18 2018 12:00 UTC
@mmmsvit_gitlab GraphQL is used for sending data from the server to the client. SPA + GraphQL is used as a replacement of the django static views.
Lokesh Sanapalli
Sep 18 2018 13:23 UTC
guys, I am getting started with saleor can someone give me good issues for beginners. ???
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 18 2018 14:36 UTC
@lokesh1729_gitlab Please take a look at issues labeled Help wanted
Please let me know if you cannot find the good one :)
Lokesh Sanapalli
Sep 18 2018 16:07 UTC
Okay, sure, I am looking into it... by the way, can anyone tell me what are the websites that are using saleor ???
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 18 2018 16:55 UTC
We're preparing the showcase, should be ready really soon
Sep 18 2018 17:26 UTC
Hi guys The URL of a cache database. Defaults to local process memory.
Need help with that...?
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 18 2018 18:14 UTC
What kind of help do you exactly need?
Sep 18 2018 21:06 UTC

Hello, I'm trying to deploy saleor on my test server but I'm getting an error saying:

saleor-web | OSError: Error reading /app/webpack-bundle.json. Are you sure webpack has generated the file and the path is correct?
saleor-web | ERROR django.server "GET / HTTP/1.1" 500 27 [PID:9:Thread-3]

It looks like webpack didn't compile the assets. I don't have assets directory. I'm using docker. I think I'm using docker wrong. I should be able to see the saleor main page just by doing docker-compose up, right?