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Sep 2018
Artur Smęt
Sep 19 2018 08:23 UTC
Hello @barthol0, which version of Saleor are you using? Please make sure that you have most recent master branch, the docker deployments have changed a bit lastly. Basically docker-compose up should build a local image with saleor and run a container with it, so webpack assets should be compiled there
maybe you have some old image of saleor in your local docker cache and it's causing that problem, try to run docker-compose build web and then docker-compose up
Sep 19 2018 10:59 UTC
@lokesh1729_gitlab I know there are some very good examples out there but sorry, I forgot the names. You can look at for a example store, but the products are really nicely wrote so it doesn't use the whole power sadly.
Sep 19 2018 14:14 UTC
@artursmet I've tried the newest master branch and 'summer release'.
Steps taken:
  1. git clone
  2. Add my server ip to ALLOWED_HOSTS
  3. docker-compose build web
  4. docker-compose up
    Full build log:
    (z góry dzięki :)
jessaí maya
Sep 19 2018 16:56 UTC
Hi there! There's a way to make a payment with an external hosted page from an unsupported gateway?
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 19 2018 16:58 UTC
Hi @jessaimaya, you might build your own module based on the django-payments and plug it into your Saleor copy
jessaí maya
Sep 19 2018 17:01 UTC
Thanks @Pacu2 do you know related projects or modules that are trying to get this?
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 19 2018 21:02 UTC
There are community modules for django-payments called django-payments-razorpay and django-payments-cod, you might want to check them out for some inspiration
Sep 19 2018 22:11 UTC
hi all :)
i have a question about shipping settings. Now it accept only countries but my shop will local (one country) can i change this withput code changes?
or only change ShippingZone field countries?