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Sep 2018
Pete Dermott
Sep 21 2018 07:23 UTC
Hey everyone, forgive my ignorance but other than the obvious redesign what was the reasoning for re-writing the dashboard in GraphQL and React? I know that it will decouple the data from the back-end but what benefits does that bring? Honestly I find Django templating system much nicer to develop with! Are you still going to be updating the django dashboard in the future or will all development move onto Dashboard Next?
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 21 2018 08:13 UTC
AFAIK Django dashboard will be maintained for some period of time but we will eventually develop new features only for the Dashboard Next (aka Dashboard 2.0).
Using ReactJS gives us way more control in terms of design, responsibility, possibilities and user experience.
Pete Dermott
Sep 21 2018 08:23 UTC
Thanks, so if I was developing a new site that will have sustained development going forward I should really be using Dashboard 2.0? I'm not sure I agree about the benefits of React but that might be because I'm not the biggest fan of JS generally.
Marcin Gębala
Sep 21 2018 08:52 UTC
Hey @petedermott, for now I'd still recommend sticking to the old dashboard. The 2.0 version is under heavy development and I suppose it will be at least until the end of this year, as there is still a lot of work ahead of us. I agree that writing Django templates is much easier, but our goal is to provide much better UX which is achievable in a single-page app. That's one of our main motivations for this development.
Sep 21 2018 23:04 UTC
Hi, I deployed saleor to Heroku (free) and I'm getting an error FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/app/media/products/saleor/static/placeholders/t-shirts/6_i7kACRq.jpg'
I've bashed into my machine and It appears that I don't have media directory.