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Sep 2018
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 23 2018 11:08 UTC
We keep linters configs in the repository, please make sure they are installed and they're resolving the configs properly
Sep 23 2018 13:23 UTC
any standard way to integrate blogs into saleor
Filip Kucharczyk
Sep 23 2018 14:40 UTC
I’ve heard some folks were integrating wagtail into Saleor, but there’s no official way of doing so
Николай Инкогнито
Sep 23 2018 18:51 UTC
i think simplest way - use , but big problem - embeded this to admin part. Too need any solution for static page + simple blog page/news page - this must have in any way
@Pacu2 i try fix reorder celeryconf imports, there 2 import but in any way - error code climat
Amit Kumar Mall
Sep 23 2018 19:11 UTC
I want to setup saleor demo.
how to go ahead with the setup
With master setup I dont see the items
shop now is disabled
Any help
Sep 23 2018 19:16 UTC
@amitmall You need to populate some example data:
Amit Kumar Mall
Sep 23 2018 19:17 UTC
I see demo branch in saleor git repo
is it just for the demo website which they have
I see they have made lots of changes to make it readonly