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Oct 2018
Oct 14 2018 17:09
any idea for integrating Blogs into Saleor ... I tried integrating wagtail but it's not working smoothly...
or thorugh ngnix can I serve saleor and blog application like mezzanine on same host ? if yes ... can someone please guide me on right articles for same
Oct 14 2018 17:52
@yogesh-kamble you could certainly serve both saleor and your blog using a single nginx. Just use your domain (e.g. for saleor and a sub-domain like for your blog. This way you can just follow regular getting started for both saleor and your blog and all you have to do is have two nginx enabled sites and then add some links to each so your visitors move smoothly between the two. By the way, check out ghost (
Sorry but can't hang around this evening - hope that gets you started... Good luck!
Filip Kucharczyk
Oct 14 2018 18:12
@yogesh-kamble Have you tried debugging Saleor and wagtail as I've written? As I remember that's a matter of proper placing the middlewares in settings file, can't remember if wagtail's should be above saleor's site middleware, or the other way around.