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Oct 2018
Oct 15 2018 07:36
how can we run our saleor local hosted project in secure https:// mode?
is any one know about it?
Filip Kucharczyk
Oct 15 2018 08:14
Same as you'd run any django-based project, runserver_pluspackage is capable of running the local instance with SSL
Stephen Moloney
Oct 15 2018 11:37
@NyanKiyoshi In terms of email integrations, I see in the docs, sendgrid and mailgun as options, are the variables SENDGRID_PASSWORD = os.environ.get('SENDGRID_PASSWORD') no longer required if I just set the EMAIL_URL instead ?
Oct 15 2018 14:00
@stephenmoloney correct - if you set EMAIL_URL properly nothing else is required.
Stephen Moloney
Oct 15 2018 14:21
@ajostergaard , thanks. that is the easier approach I think.
Oct 15 2018 15:07
@stephenmoloney that's correct, those instructions are not needed if EMAIL_URL is correctly set
Stephen Moloney
Oct 15 2018 16:10