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Oct 2018
Oct 17 2018 08:21
Heya! With the University I will be organizing an online django course (with some reminders as well), so I just want to do a little ping to any people that want to contribute to Saleor but are lost on how that all works. It would be an English web-seminar with pre-made and shared documents that you can follow (or not) and the sources will be available on GitHub.
If you are interested, please ping me!
Gotta make saleor better and better :tada:
Marcin Gębala
Oct 17 2018 12:48
@NyanKiyoshi This initiative sounds really great! If there's anything we could help you with, let us know! We would love to promote that on our social channels. Also if you needed any graphical assets, maybe our design team could provide something.
Stephen Moloney
Oct 17 2018 13:52
I also like the sound of the initiative, just that I'm too busy with other languages etc to really get involved seriously with python/django.
Oct 17 2018 14:35

Our University department is going to be part of a sleepless night competitions in web development. So the base idea was to teach people how to start out with nothing but a plan of action, and write it all through django to get something awesome that works in no time and takes no deployment time. Because django is perfect to be really productive and achieve great things.

So the plan is to motivate people to create a django team for the competition!

And I have many American friends that want to get started to learn web development with Python. So I told myself why note sharing it with anybody else that wants to learn this or is just curious :)

I'm planning on doing the web-seminar on next week's Sunday around 9pm (so we can get the Americans on as well), right after the final exams in our department. But it's gonna be really hard to get everything ready for that day, we have a lot of things to do for the University. But I will find a way to spare some time.

Maybe I will get back to you later @maarcingebala. That's really nice to hear, thanks!

I think I have 8 people right now that will be here to watch, and 3 other more that may will. I didn't propagate everywhere, so we would probably end up with 15 people at the end on my side. :) (so much pressure!)

We may also start with a little, quick introduction to git (+ GitHub) because some of the people coming to watch are freshmen in our department, so they told me git is Chinese to them.