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Oct 2018
Ray Besiga
Oct 24 2018 17:27
hey guys, great to be back. Greetings from Kampala, Uganda.
Just put in my first pull request mirumee/saleor#3170
M Abdullah Abid
Oct 24 2018 17:33
Appreciation bud. Can you also improve the docker documentation :p
Philipp Allgeuer
Oct 24 2018 17:56
i 'm on a small hacktoberfest event and looking for small changes
you have lables on issues
find all choices fields (models)
I'm getting this right?
M Abdullah Abid
Oct 24 2018 18:14
Hi guys. So I need some validation on the stack I’m currently running and whether its good enough for production. I have a regular server setup, not docker. I’ve configured saleor, nginx, uwsgi and celery. uwsgi is being run through emperor in rc.local file so it runs on startup and I’ve also included celery as a daemon process inside uwsgi.ini file.
Is that good for serving static content?
Everything I’ve read suggests using S3 and a CDN. Am I going to see a big difference in performance keeping everything local?
Also for celery, I went with rabbitQ and not redis. Not sure how that is different. Would like some feedback on that.
Stephen Moloney
Oct 24 2018 21:44
nginx should be good enough to serve static content