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Oct 2018
M Abdullah Abid
Oct 25 2018 11:33
I have another question, hopefully I’m not being too annoying. I was playing around with static images files. I want to change the default logo. All is well, but there’s one thing: logo.svg and logo-document.svg are separate files, light and dark. The template base.html only includes logo.svg in the header and in the footer. However, even though logo.svg is light, it is being rendered as dark (fill with #333) in the header but white in the footer. How come that happens when its only using the light one? Are there any other css entries that make this happen?
Filip Kucharczyk
Oct 25 2018 12:56
@philall That's right
Stephen Moloney
Oct 25 2018 21:04
if a request comes in for an image like /media/..path/to/image, just wondering how does this trigger the versatile image package to generate the thumbnails ?
Because if I offload the serving of the /media folder to nginx, how will versatileimage know to generate the thumbnails (in debug/developmentmode) ?
Stephen Moloney
Oct 25 2018 22:29
ok, so I am serving content in /app/media via nginx and CREATE_IMAGES_ON_DEMAND = True. The celery worker does not seem to generate the thumbnails dynamically or at least that is what it seems - I suppose this is expected. So basically serving content with nginx can be reserved for production or can be used if CREATE_IMAGES_ON_DEMAND = False seems to be my conclusion of this.
In any case, it seems as if all the thumbnails have been generated after running python3 populatedb so it's creating iamges on demand doesn't really seem to be needed .... correct me if I'm wrong though.