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Nov 2018
Nov 23 2018 14:28
any theme avaiable?
Filip Kucharczyk
Nov 23 2018 15:31
Not really, Saleor has no themes
Marcin Gębala
Nov 23 2018 15:44
@kopscript To elaborate a bit more on that - we don't have any switchable themes yet. Saleor comes with a storefront that is based on Django templates. You can customize styles and HTML easily (we use SASS for styles)
Ther is also PWA storefront based on React where we're going to implement themes, but that's still on our roadmap for next year.
Nov 23 2018 19:40
How do you setup access to a Public IP after installing Saelor & running the webserver it shows that I should use
Eli Spizzichino
Nov 23 2018 19:41
you can run the dev webserver to open the access to all but be carefull about security
export ALLOWED_HOSTS='*'
python runserver
Nov 23 2018 19:46
I don't want to develop the Application I want to install Saleor as a storefront did I follow the Install Instructions wrong?
@RaproductionsCF you can deploy to heroku or any service offerring for docker
You most likely need to customize the graphics...
M Abdullah Abid
Nov 23 2018 22:02
Bug: product page loads images correctly but once I move to the second image and scroll down, the image disappears. Has anyone come accross this?
Only happens on mobile devices
Nov 23 2018 22:29
How do you get the Webserver to stay running when I close the SSH ?