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Nov 2018
Ray Besiga
Nov 30 2018 07:27
Thanks @Pacu2 git fetch origin --tags worked
Muhammad Bandawa
Nov 30 2018 17:18
@maarcingebala Man, it did the swap but the logo stayed the same. I even tried with block1, block2 and block3 and they won't change. Am I missing something here? Please advise.
Filip Kucharczyk
Nov 30 2018 18:27
You need to rebuild the assets, npm start
Nov 30 2018 19:12
hello . why in pwa version of saleor online demo when i click basket icon at top of the store i see products in the sidebar basket but when i click "MY BAG" button it says "your bag is empty"?
Filip Kucharczyk
Nov 30 2018 20:33
Well, just checked and works for me tho
Anyway, storefront is still beta quality and some bugs might be present, it's not recommended to use it for a production at this moment