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Dec 2018
Eli Spizzichino
Dec 01 2018 16:32
When I add products, categories etc they are in just one language right? There is no way to make them different based on the chosen language?
M Abdullah Abid
Dec 01 2018 16:58
Is there an official page to make feature requests?
Filip Kucharczyk
Dec 01 2018 17:39
@diramazioni we have everything ready to serve content in different language (in the old storefront) except for the Translations panel. Translations can be added only via custom code at this moment.
@wulaaf you may want to use github issues for that
Eli Spizzichino
Dec 01 2018 18:40
@Pacu2 I'm using the non-react storefront (I think this is the old one you are referring to). What is the Translations panel where is it? What I was hoping for is a way to translate the menu/navigation and the product names and descriptions. Is this possible now?
Muhammad Bandawa
Dec 01 2018 22:49
Downloading saleor as .zip and cloning, is there a difference there?