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Dec 2018
Muhammad Bandawa
Dec 04 2018 08:11
Well, even after all that the logos didn't change at all only the block1, block2 and block3 files changed. Is there a way to achieve changing the logo apart from ./npm start
Muhammad Bandawa
Dec 04 2018 08:27
And another one, clicking the shop now button on home page isn't doing anything at all but I added a product, category and variant but it's not showing on the website.
Filip Kucharczyk
Dec 04 2018 09:20
@mdnur89 That's a dummy button, you need to plug your custom content under it. Regarding the logo, that's the only way but probably there was some mistake on the way. You should edit the logo.svg listed under saleor/static/logo.svg, not the one in assets folder.
Patryk Zawadzki
Dec 04 2018 10:08
@NyanKiyoshi let’s take this to a thread on Spectrum if this works for you
M Abdullah Abid
Dec 04 2018 10:14

I’m getting a whitespace directory name error while installing uWSGI on Python 3.7.1. I’ve opened an issue with uWSGI. Has anyone ever run into this?

clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘HD'
clang: error: no such file or directory: 'P2/repos/GitHub/saleor/env/bin/uwsgi’
*** error linking uWSGI ***

Actual directory name is Macintosh HD P2
Joe Czepil
Dec 04 2018 17:27
Hi, I used the quick Heroku deploy button on the github readme. Is there anyway I can clone the code that was deployed or do I just have to fork and clone the repo and point that towards the Heroku remote?
Joe Czepil
Dec 04 2018 17:52
Ah, I've cloned the repo and I'm deploying to my demo instance, this should work.