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Dec 2018
Filip Kucharczyk
Dec 11 2018 09:41
Not sure what's your version of Saleor, but in mine this line does not exists, and was replaced with trans "Forgot password?" context "Login form secondary link", which is present in the translation files
Michael Bykovski
Dec 11 2018 13:52
Hi Guys, just came here to say that your project is by far the best open source project i have seen!
Keep on going!
Marcin Gębala
Dec 11 2018 14:06
@bykof Thanks a lot!
Btw. we've just release a new version!
Thanks to all contributors for helping us with finding bugs, providing valuable feedback and contributions!
Michael Bykovski
Dec 11 2018 14:23
Yes I saw it! Awesome! I will use Saleor for an ecommerce shop and validating our requirements against what the shop can. Its unbelievable how much the saleor already can. As I said, this is by far the best open source ecommerce project I have ever seen. It's far better than magento and the other crap things.
cc @maarcingebala
If we will use Saleor we have to talk about, how we can contribute to the project.
First we want to implement a payment gateway for (which is interesting for german customers). I think it will be implemented between Januar and March
Marcin Gębala
Dec 11 2018 15:31
If you need any guidance just reach us out, if you have very specific questions or problems we can as well schedule a call. At the moment we're redesigning a bit our payement gatewy integration but in the end we want to give our contributors convenient way to maintain various payment gateways.
I don't know myself but if it's popular in Germany we should definitely add it to Saleor at some point.
Michael Bykovski
Dec 11 2018 15:40
Okay cool!
I first will start with a standalone package right? Which one can just include in the project over pip
After that you can change your payment gateway how you want and in the end we can just integrate the two things easily
Loose coupling as its best :P
Marcin Gębala
Dec 11 2018 15:49
We're still in the middle of discussion about the final approach, see this issue: #3422
so i'd hold on with implementation of another payment gateway. Or use the current aproach which is building it into saleor through saleor.payments modules but this is likely to change soon
Joe Czepil
Dec 11 2018 22:14
Hi, is there a plan to continuously maintain the django store once the PWA store is complete?
Marcin Gębala
Dec 11 2018 23:05
@ProgrammingJoe_twitter We'll support the django store for the next few months, but eventually we want to switch to PWA as the default storefront.