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Jan 2019
Jan 04 09:33

Its possible to translate the url of a product?
For example url of a product in english:
And the same product in spanish:

Its possible to change the name products too?

Thank you

Jan 04 09:38
It's possible do the same with categories or change category url?
Jan 04 09:46
in sitemap.xml I can see that all urls get the basic language as slug.
Filip Kucharczyk
Jan 04 10:44
It's possible with Django, but we are not supporting it at this moment
Jan 04 12:01
Thank you @Pacu2
Jan 04 16:02
We have enabled elasticsearch and when we try to search a product translated, the search only get result if we search words that appear in the original product name. We got the results in the current language.
For example if we got the product "Red wire" and translated to spanish is "Cable rojo"
If we choose english and search for "wire", we get the product as result
If we choose spanish and search for "cable", we don't get any results
If we choose spanish and search for "wire", we get the product as result
Are we doing something wrong?
Thank you!!
Patryk Zawadzki
Jan 04 16:31
as there is currently no UI to manage the model translations, I’m not 100% sure search is correctly supporting them
Jan 04 16:41
Thank you @patrys , could be a problem of the fields of products configured to be indexed on elasticsearch ?
Patryk Zawadzki
Jan 04 16:57
we may need a separate field for each language for stemming to work correctly
same for PostgreSQL based search
Benjamin Hedrich
Jan 04 18:15
Hi, I would like to donate some euros to the project, there are any donation options?
Because my time is really limited to contribute code