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Jan 2019
Jan 10 17:12
Opened mirumee/saleor-demo#31, 500 error when trying to pay with Braintree on Demo.
mirumee/saleor-demo#30 still open as well :ok_hand:
Marcin Gębala
Jan 10 17:13
Thanks for opening those issues. I just got a traceback from Sentry about the first one:
  File "saleor/order/", line 36, in decorator
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "saleor/order/", line 111, in start_payment
    client_token = payment_gateway.get_client_token(**gateway_params)
  File "saleor/payment/gateways/braintree/", line 134, in get_client_token
    gateway = get_braintree_gateway(**connection_params)
  File "saleor/payment/gateways/braintree/", line 119, in get_braintree_gateway
    raise ImproperlyConfigured('Incorrectly configured Braintree gateway.')
Jan 10 17:14
The error speaks for itself awesome :ok_hand:
Marcin Gębala
Jan 10 17:15
Maybe some configuration is missing after deploying the new version
Marcin Gębala
Jan 10 17:51
OK I see the issue - we accidentally pushed a setting that was used to test checkout locally, Braintree shouldn't be available at all on demo.
Jan 10 18:17
Is there any reference material for how to work with images and thumbnails in Saleor templates? Which library do we use for this? Is it custom built or is it public? I'd like info on how to manipulate the images. For example, what if instead of a square placeholder, I wanted a rectangular placeholder? How do I modify this:
{% for image in images %}
   <div class="carousel-item{% if forloop.first %} active{% endif %}">
       <div class="product-image">
           <img class="d-block img-fluid lazyload lazypreload"
                         data-src="{% get_thumbnail image.image method="thumbnail" size=540 %}"
                         data-srcset="{% get_thumbnail image.image method="thumbnail" size=540 %} 1x, {% get_thumbnail image.image method="thumbnail" size=1080 %} 2x"
                         src="{% placeholder size=540 %}">
 {% endfor %}
Ray Besiga
Jan 10 18:48
Looks like a conversation was started by @BenSturmfels here mirumee/saleor#3320
Will read through it first. Ideas and thoughts welcome.
Jan 10 18:50
get_thumbnail size="540x160" is possible
placeholder size="540x160" not sure
If that's your question