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Jan 2019
Yashaswi Maharshi
Jan 20 11:35
hello can anyone help with in deploying the application on DigitalOcean without using docker. I need to deploy and run the application by cloning from my custom repository
Dhiraj kadam
Jan 20 12:51
What issue are you facing @mahayash , I deployed it on ebs and it works just fine.
Free Intelligence
Jan 20 14:18
@mahayash what application is that?which language?
Yashaswi Maharshi
Jan 20 15:01
@iamgilwell its Saleor app which runs of Python
@CodeDem I have followed all the steps given in the doc for installing the Saleor application. The steps processed correctly, but I don't know how should I show the saleor dashboard on my url. I am trying to deploy on Ubuntu with Nginx webserver
This is the URL : what is the correct path that I should point on nginx server block.
Dhiraj kadam
Jan 20 19:16

@mahayash check uwsgi.ini in saleor/wsgi/uwsgi.ini you can excute it and it will start the server to the port number that you set via $PORT environment variable. uwsgi saleor/wsgi/uwsgi.ini

You can create reverse proxy via ngnix to route all traffics to uwgi server 80->{which ever port you use for saleor}

Amitosh Kumar
Jan 20 22:35
Should i fork current repository of saleor or saleor 2.0 source in the release to see the new changes and implementations in saleor ? I am opening my ecommerce for handcrafted items . I have successfully forked and edited on my localhost. I will be deploying it to heroku but i need to clear my doubt first that is a latest version or saleor 2.2.0 is latest ?
I mean the 2.2.0. release is meant for viewing changes