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Jan 2019
Yashaswi Maharshi
Jan 21 02:03
@amitosh1995 you can directly forked it from the master branch, as that is the stable branch out of the most.
Marcin Gębala
Jan 21 07:59
@amitosh1995 We use releases and versioning to keep track of changes in Saleor on a monthly basis. You can rely on them but if you want the newest codebase, it will be on the master branch.
master as well as releases can be considered stable, we don't merge unfinished changes that break some parts of the system.
Jan 21 08:08
damn it. it says I should use 10 or later. my bad.
Piotr Grundas
Jan 21 08:10
I was just going to suggest that :)
Jan 21 12:24
how to make a shop use this
Jan 21 12:43
@maarcingebala i want you can help me ,how to use and how to run in vps i want make shop
Jan 21 12:58
Can using this cause the Saleor not work properly? It needs to use a custom auth backend.
Jan 21 13:54
What I need is a marketplace with one single store front where you can see the different stores and can search for products in them. each product found.
Of course I need global authentication so customers will be shared but I need admins to have only access to their panel and not other store's.
I really liked Saleor specially cause of it's front so I'm trying to see if it can work out but I'm not sure if it'll work out. I'm trying to use django-tenant-schemas with it.
Now the QUESTION is do you recommend Saleor or do you think maybe I'm better off with a custom solution?
Amitosh Kumar
Jan 21 16:07
Thank you. I have forked master branch and updated it according to my business products and
But when deploy it on heroku . I cannot see my staticfiles
I did heroku run npm run build-assets
I did heroku run python collectstatic
No success .
Any idea ? Anybody?
Filip Kucharczyk
Jan 21 16:26
For non DEBUG environment, you need to plug some external service for serving static/media files, eg. Amazon S3
You can also serve staticfiles via Whitenoise but it's not recommended
@ehsanveisi_gitlab I believe you might reuse some big chunks of saleor, eg. whole products app, permission management, dashboard, ..., but in the end it's up to the amount of customizations you need. I think the easier way is to note down all of the functionalities your business might need and check which of them Saleor offers, and which might require some serious tweaking.