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Jan 2019
Ray Besiga
Jan 24 09:52
Hey @mahayash it would be absolutely amazing if you wrote a deployment guide for Digital Ocean. The community would appreciate it! :)
Jan 24 13:35
can anyone make a video tutorial ?
Jan 24 22:50

BRAINTREE: pgettext_lazy('Payment method name', 'Brain tree')}

'module': 'saleor.payment.gateways.dummy',
'connection_params': {}},
'module': 'saleor.payment.gateways.braintree',
'connection_params': {
'sandbox_mode': get_bool_from_env('BRAINTREE_SANDBOX_MODE', True),
'merchant_id': os.environ.get('jxccjx5twnctb53j'),
'public_key': os.environ.get('qrvdn2thyjvn5htj'),
'private_key': os.environ.get('ab899d35457ec5b12543d4dcd055f372')

Jan 24 22:56
It is important to me that the payment work well that why I am trying to test the payment gateway before I really start. I sign in at braintree for the sandbox and full everything in my settings but I get error. Can someone please help resolve this. furthermore, it will be much appreciate if you tutorial is provided on every stage.
Jakub Wiśniowski
Jan 24 23:12

@pakwesi it can't be:

'merchant_id': os.environ.get('jxccjx5twnctb53j'),
'public_key': os.environ.get('qrvdn2thyjvn5htj'),
'private_key': os.environ.get('abXXXX')

either do it like:

'merchant_id': 'jxccjx5twnctb53j',
'public_key': 'qrvdn2thyjvn5htj',
'private_key': 'abXXXX'

which is not recommened

or just keep original code here and set proper environment variables. os.environ.get loads variable value from environment.

Note: you've just shared your keys to public

btw in latest master get_client_token is broken for BRAINTREE
Jan 24 23:56
@restless thank you for the quick response. I am using sandbox as testing (that not my real information). I didn't change anything just put my code in their. I want to try to successively complete a payment and successively put saleor on digitalocean by Wednesday. Will the problem be solve buy then?