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Jan 2019
Sudip Singh
Jan 28 10:25
Is there a way to integrate with saleor ?
Marcin Gębala
Jan 28 13:36
@sudipsingh04 We haven't try and I haven't heard about anyone integrating it so far. After taking a look at the docs and considering they have a Python client - it shouldn't be a problem at all to use it with Saleor.
Ray Besiga
Jan 28 14:20
Hey guys, I have this strange issue with loading a fixture. It seems to me that the weight unit of whatever value you specify on the Product Type sneaks its way into the value
Pretty bizarre
Ray Besiga
Jan 28 16:17
Hi guys so I created a db.json file and run heroku run python populatedb command and instead of loading data from my db.json it auto-populated with data from the demo website. How do I work around this? Ideas welcome.
Ray Besiga
Jan 28 16:29
This worked for me heroku pg:reset DATABASE but I still have the issue of failing to populate with my own db.json instead of the demo app data