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Jan 2019
Jan 29 09:37
Is there any quick way to implement on the fly discount per users?
I basically want dynamic discounts. each check out will be different.
Jan 29 12:14
Or can on integrate it with a third party api somehow?
Jan 29 14:10
Can you guys please provide us with simple tutorial how to set up saleor and deploy it?
Marcin Gębala
Jan 29 14:18
@pakwesi I believe Getting Started section in our docs has all neccesary info, do you have any particular problems?
Stephen Moloney
Jan 29 18:29
Just wondering about where/how python populatedb hooks into saleor. Is there a generic way to override the default demo ?
I see ./core/management/commands/ - perhaps just writing a custom file for this, maybe there can be a more generic way to do it.
Stephen Moloney
Jan 29 18:36
I suppose targetting a replacement saleor-components/saleor/saleor/core/utils/, saleor-components/saleor/saleor/static/db.json, saleor-components/saleor/saleor/static/placeholders files is a necessary starting point
Ray Besiga
Jan 29 21:50
Hey @stephenmoloney I was dealing with this same issue yesterday and python populatedb was not too helpful with no demo data. I would say the best way to get around this is to run a command that enforces a properly serialized db.json file when you run dumpdata. Something like this python dumpdata --exclude auth.permission --exclude contenttypes --indent 2 > db.json and then running python loaddata db.json
Stephen Moloney
Jan 29 21:53
@raybesiga that seems like a useful approach. You do this after you have added some products manually - right ?