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Feb 2019
Feb 07 01:52
Hey guys! I really like the look of Saleor and most of the functionality that is currently built into it. I was wondering if one of the functionalities I would be really after is already included. This particular functionality would be not directly charging the user when they purchase an item but instead stacking up on their account to be invoiced later?
Thanks :)
Marcin Gębala
Feb 07 08:45
Hey @TarzanBuzzyMan, there is no such thing right now. You would have to implement it as a new payment method.
With the current payments flow, you'd have to probably implement custom authorize and capture methods - first would only create a new payment instance in the database to finish the checkout. Later invoicing and the actual payment could be handled by capture
in the dashboard there is also option to mark order as paid, without telling Saleor how the payment was made actually
So this is doable but requires some customizataions
Feb 07 10:05
Awesome! Thank you for a brief overview of how this may be done within the Saleor app. I look forward to getting it working. Cheers :D
Feb 07 12:22
Hi! Saleor doesn't render collection as view, does it?
Which is the best option to have oulet zone on the page?
We have normal products, but we have outlet products that make reference to normal product.
We want to bring the user the possibility to list all outlet products in a view page
but don't lose its category
Marcin Gębala
Feb 07 12:43
Hey @jdivins, you can customize the menus in storefront to navigate to collections as well as regular categories.
If you look at the dashboard, go to Navigation and try to edit some menus. You can choose Collections as menu items.
Ray Besiga
Feb 07 13:45
Has anyone here had to with hosting an S3 bucket in a region outside of the USA? If so, how are you dealing with the The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint. error message?
Ray Besiga
Feb 07 13:57
Is it possible to specify a variable like AWS_HOST_NAME or AWS_S3_HOST_NAME for config variables on Heroku?
Hairy Chris
Feb 07 15:28
@raybesiga I added the AWS_MEDIA_CUSTOM_DOMAIN setting to Saleor Sorry I got confused thought you meant AWS_S3_ENDPOINT_URL
I used digitalocean spaces
instead of AWS
this is what I have in settings:
Ray Besiga
Feb 07 15:41
Thanks @hairychris let me try this but with AWS. Will report back soon
Ray Besiga
Feb 07 16:53
It is a seemingly tougher problem than I anticipated..
Feb 07 18:35
Hello :) A noob question - what is the relation between the Django and PWA versions of Saleor? Is the longterm plan to maintain them both or is the PWA version going to replace Django when it matures enough?
Also, do they use the same database structure? Is it possible to replace one with the other just by connecting to the same database for example?
Feb 07 21:36
Ok, as to my second question I see now that the storefront communicates with the Django app.