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Feb 2019
Feb 11 08:09

Hiya again, I was reading through your documentation on setting up a development environment with Docker and it looks like one of the steps is missing from your documentation?

The page on setting up an installation for Linux says for Docker follow this link of instructions for setup if you wish to go that way. That link then says install docker and compose, then start building the environment but of course no mention about getting the yml files to do so. Which wouldn't work? Or didn't for me. Is there something I misread?


Ankur Gupta
Feb 11 12:29
@maarcingebala Thanks a lot. I understand.
Ray Besiga
Feb 11 13:00
hey guys, anyone here having issues with generating good quality thumbnails and images in production? I upload high quality photos but the returned thumbnails and images are subpar.. thoughts?
Also anyone having this issue with their product images?