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Feb 2019
Yashaswi Maharshi
Feb 15 10:45
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 4.14.59 PM.png
In the above image, on Search engine listing preview, I can see the URL of the non-pwa site path, but I am using PWA site for the frontEnd. Can any one assist me in how can i change this ?
I don't want use to view the non-pwa site, how can i redirect the user to pwa site, if some click or typed in the url
Marcin Gębala
Feb 15 11:08
That's an interesting issue. The static storefront is the default one and dashboard assumes that as well. If you look at the saleor.product.models module you'll find few get_absolute_url methods. They define the public URL for model instances such as products or collections, but they use the url routes of the "static" storefront. In order to redirect to PWA, you would have to construct the proper URL in those methods.
In the future we would need some configuration in dashboard to provide the base storefront URL, which would be later used by those function to determine the proper URL.
Yashaswi Maharshi
Feb 15 11:09
Correct ... Thanks a lot @maarcingebala
Feb 15 12:32
It's maybe incorrect asking about it in this chat. But how i can get hidden input in django forms wich create inside checkout.js one of unsupported payment gateaway. I try do as stripe payment but in this way i get 2 hidden input with one name.
Patryk Zawadzki
Feb 15 13:35
@maarcingebala I think we'd need to introduce some sort of a template string, we not only need it for the SEO preview but also for the sitemap and for product feeds to function properly