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Feb 2019
Marcin Gębala
Feb 28 08:59
@lokesh1729_gitlab Hey, thanks for willing to contribute to Saleor! If you look at our Github there is bunch of issues marked with bug or help_wanted labels. I would start with these, as they are usually not so big in scope but allow to gradually dig into the codebase and understand little parts of the application:
If you find something interesting and you'd like to work on that, write that in the issue so we know that somebody is working on that. Feel free to ask any questions that you have in the issue or here as well.
Marcin Gębala
Feb 28 09:56

@/all Dear Saleor users, few days ago a vulnerability was discovered in our GraphQL API - #3768. If you're using the API or have it exposed publicly, you may be vulnerable to it. Please update Saleor to latest version 2.3.1 which fixes the issue.

Feb 28 09:58
@piotrgrundas thx for the anwser and yes the backend is running. The error is : userAccount/views/OrderDetails/queries.ts: Cannot query field "variant" on type "OrderLine". I manage to run codegen successfully if I comment out "variant " in the query...
Harsh Panchal
Feb 28 22:27
how can i integrate saleor and pwa store front?
do i need to link them?