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Mar 2019
Hairy Chris
Mar 07 08:33
I develop on a Macbook under Docker and I've noticed extremely poor battery life since working on Saleor, I looked into it a bit further and CPU usage for the web container regularly spikes up to 15% even when the container is sat there doing nothing. What would be causing this? Celery potentially?
Mar 07 12:45
Would anyone be able to explain how to send additional post data when a user clicks the add to cart button? I still can not wrap my head around adding a text form on the product page and just passing in some simple text. Thanks
Mar 07 17:33
Has anyone integrated any sort of shipping system that quotes based on delivery address and cart contents?
Not having much luck at finding an easy point to access this information for setting shipping rates
Mar 07 17:44
Hrm is it as simple as overriding CartShippingMethodForm and filtering the shipping methods that are quoted for this specific cart?