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Mar 2019
JK Tan
Mar 20 05:59
I’m attempting to add a component under saleor’s user profile page, mainly for fun with experimenting with react
however, I’m completely lost with the directory structure
If I were to implement modify the account/Contact Details tab to add another form, which file exactly should I be looking at?
looking at the js/tsx/ts files, I’m mainly seeing storefront (which I assume relates to the store itself,) dashboard-next, which I assume is the admin dashboard?
Marcin Gębala
Mar 20 07:54
@xlanor dashboard-next is the React based dashboard which is by default available under /dashboard/next. If you want to modify the storefront which is available by default at localhost:8000, it's not using React but static Django templates. You would have to go to /templates/account/ directory for the templates which are used over there.
JK Tan
Mar 20 09:03
thanks alot. I spent alot of time reading an dunderstanding
hope to be able to contribute to saleor eventually, it looks really interesting
Mar 20 17:06
hi !
A question
How do I put html code here?
Ashish Patil
Mar 20 17:12
@camiloruizi You can't put HTML there, but you can select (click & drag over the text with your mouse) text & then a text editor bar will show up with which you can customize the text.
Mar 20 17:19
thank you very very much
Mar 20 19:48
Hi, how can I load a normal css file? We have a static landing page which we would like to use with saleor. So I created a new route and view, the html file, so far so good. That's working, now I'm trying to link the stylesheet for that landing page. At first I tried to just put it in the templates folder: didn't work. Now I put it into /static/custom.css and try to load it as follows in the html file. How can I do that?

{% load static %}

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{% static 'custom.css' %}">

are documentation PRs welcome? I'm on a bit of a journey right now figuring out how to customise the CSS effectively, and I could write up the process if it would help others.
Yes please ! @ptink