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Mar 2019
JK Tan
Mar 21 06:46

Hi, when I post an “Address” form, I see some reference to request.address in the code, however, Im not exactly sure how this request.address is being created.

I was able to modify a form to my liking (bringing over adding a new address from the checkout page to the user settings page), but I dont seem to be able to retrieve the data in an address object form, it appears under Would I have to directly construct another object?

Ashish Patil
Mar 21 07:51
@xlanor I believe it has to do with React / Graphql, just check the network calls & see the API getting hit & the form of that API. If it's (likely) graphql, I think you need to modify the corresponding schema or something.
I'm not entirely sure since I haven't touched those parts yet, but I would go at it in this manner (check network call, check API, check view, models, etc. in this order).
Pete Tinkler
Mar 21 08:37
@ashishnitinpatil a couple of questions regarding customising the css- from what I've gathered currently there are two separate "style guide" pages for the frontend and the dashboard, are these for developer/documentation only and supposed to be turned off in production? Also, is it the intention that the CSS for the store front and the dashboard do not share a common config? I couldn't find a unified place to override styling- just checking I haven't missed something
i'm mostly talking in terms of color themes etc
Ashish Patil
Mar 21 08:39
@ptink I can only answer the first question, no, it shouldn't be in production, it's just dev notes for quick customizing.
Pete Tinkler
Mar 21 08:45
that helps- thanks :)
Pete Tinkler
Mar 21 09:01
another more general question- I was going to submit a PR for the circleCI config.yml as it doesn't work out of the box. I notice the docker hub repos are hardcoded- I could easily add in something like ${DOCKERCLOUD_REPO:-mirumee/saleor} into the config so that it uses the default but can be overridden in circleci vars, but does this go against the general policy of saleor? is the idea that we explicitly change these values in our files to match our needs rather than have configurable defaults
Orri Arnarsson
Mar 21 10:20
Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me regarding the image URLs provided by the GraphQL API, right now I get an absolute URL: which does not correspond to the BACKEND_URL I prodvided in the startup of the PWA strorefront.
I am asking this so I can have the API running on AWS while still being able to develop the storefront locally, using all the assets on the AWS machine.
Mar 21 14:57
hi! im trying to run Saleor container but i have a error. is something wrong with this code?
"The system can not find the specified file."
Mar 21 17:45
Hello! @Pacu2 when opening an e-mail on gmail, I can't see the logo-document.svg image. But if I get the url of the image on the e-mail and open it I can see the image. Anyone is having this problem? It's the recovery password e-mail but it fails with all e-mails.
Captura de Pantalla 2019-03-21 a les 18.44.31.png
Mar 21 18:11
I can see the image in thuderbird client, but not on gmail inbox