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Mar 2019
Dushyant Rijhwani
Mar 27 10:31

Hello again

I have built a docker image and deployed it on our kubernetes cluster. The static files are served from S3 and the Media files are also on S3. I am using the uwsgi.ini that is there in the project unmodified. The database is postgres running on AWS RDS.

It is running fine; but after a few hours I always get this error message from the server

Wed Mar 27 05:24:10 2019 - uWSGI listen queue of socket ":8000" (fd: 3) full !!! (101/100)

I have still not configured the celery broker url though and there is no cache

I guess there is something blocking the requests from being full filled and the uwsgi queue is filling up. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure what is the blocking the requests.
Ray Besiga
Mar 27 18:23
@milosjaros thanks dude!