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Mar 2019
Marcin Gębala
Mar 29 10:59
@btotharye Dashboard 2.0 is work-in-progress and we have a ticket open for missing navigation on mobile. I think in 1-2 months we'll reach feature parity with the old one and 2.0 will eventually become the default dashboard .
Brian Hopkins
Mar 29 10:59
sounds good I like it
I'm just trying to figure out the best way to integrate it into what I'm doing
I already have my Graphene Django api done but I like what you have with the UI and testing and stuff already done so I thought about trying to just tie my stuff into it, cause eventually I will want a cart type system where people can list stuff and sell it
Marcin Gębala
Mar 29 11:48
it depends on what architecture you want to end up with. you could either have two APIs (your original + Saleor) running next to each other. With this approach, you have a clear separation of concerns and you maintain both apps independently. But I guess you would also need some wrapper in Node.js that would stitch two APIs in a single schema that would be consumed by your frontend client.
Another possibility is to move your GraphQL modules into saleor/graphql and keep everything in a single codebase. Saleor should be elastic enough to allow for that.
Mar 29 14:16
Need help, i have posted a issue on github. mirumee/saleor#3881