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Apr 2019
Chad Cassady
Apr 01 14:30
Hey y'all. I'm working on a Saleor-based project in the USA. I wanted to know if anybody else has tackled the Avalara support noted on the roadmap.

please excuse me, I should research before I blast into the chat :)


Hairy Chris
Apr 01 23:16
Hey all, if I add a field to product variant model (in my case EAN) what commands do I have to run to update the typscript types?
I've used both 'npm run build-schema' and 'npm run build-types' which has updated my globalTypes file
but hasn't changed the // GraphQL fragment: ProductVariant file at all
npm run lint doesn't return any errors but npm run build-assets fails
Hairy Chris
Apr 01 23:22
I can see the new field in schema.graphql