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Apr 2019
Hairy Chris
Apr 03 10:52
@maarcingebala thanks, didn't quite get there but will document what I have so far of the process and put in a pull request for discussion,
Jonathan Greig
Apr 03 13:29

Does anyone know how to add a new test suite to pytest?

E.g. I want to create customer groups, and have a separate set of tests I want to create under tests/api/ At the moment when I run py.test on the file, it shows no tests ran. Any help?

Jonathan Greig
Apr 03 14:05

Also when running pytest on a changed test file, for some reason it's not picking up the actual file changes

(Although to be fair, I'm testing it in docker-compose atm)

Jonathan Greig
Apr 03 14:43
(n/m those last 2 questions ... I forgot to add /tests/ to docker-compose.override.yml... yeesh! but thankfully good now)