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Apr 2019
Fabian Landeros
Apr 24 02:13
just started with saleor . have used django before. I would like to allow a file to be uploaded upon the ordering of a service and the ability to allow invoicing . any development resources you can point me to would be very much appreciated. thanks
Aavash Khatri
Apr 24 07:14
Can anyone help me with the 'dashboard-next' dashboard in saleor. I can't figure out the architecture and the packages involved. Any pointers to the architecture and references would be helpful. Thanks
James Stewart
Apr 24 13:31
@j.greig_gitlab hello - I was that someone...:-)
@j.greig_gitlab custom attributes still aren't part of the standard Saleor data model AFAIK. But you can still use the data parameter as I did in my fork. This should be easier now that the frontend is decoupled from the backend.