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Apr 2019
Quynh H Nguyen
Apr 30 08:53

Hello saleor!

I'm a newbie in Saleor while looking for an open source eCommerce. Saleor looks like very promised project, while the team plan to expand to multi-vendors (marketplace) support. This is the very special feature could make Saleor becomes a completed solution! I'm very hungry while looking for this feature to develop...

While trying to read document and install local to dive into detail. I has another ideas for product to discuss here, sorry if wrong place, but I don't know there is the right place. My ideas is not new, but it is from my need right now.

Auctions: Could we expand/extend the product to bid by adding some attributes:

  • Auction enabled product.
  • Started time (maybe use the publication_date, or adding one more field to attractive customers and plan for future auction actions)
  • End time (exactly time to minute)
  • Price for sale (if someone want to buy now, not bid anymore).
  • Started/Current price.
  • Step increase. (the step increase maybe setup automatically, it belongs to the current price likes eBay).
  • Auto setup new auction for this product after some days (optional).

So, we need a category Auctions for all products are enabled auction function. This page will show all of them, maybe separate by group of product type too. We could separate the next auctions products in case started time is coming. And products is in bidding now.

Each auction product display the current price, next bidding price and bidding function for member. It could display a thread of messages of bidding members while they are bidding for attractive another.

When auction finish it should show the winner and make it become an order like normal.

If this auction function could be develop, it should be enabled for multi-vendors (marketplace) too.

That's my simple ideas. So please tell me if this function could be develop/extend the current or not? Could we define in attribute of product/product type, or must be extent by writing more code/module?

Thanks so much!

BTW, sorry for my English, maybe something is not clearly enough, but I'm here to discuss and explain. Thanks!
Ashish Patil
Apr 30 08:55
I think this might be better suited as an issue (feature request) rather than discussing here :)
Quynh H Nguyen
Apr 30 08:57
Thanks @ashishnitinpatil I will copy to issue like your suggestion!
Actually, I think Saleor team will more welcomed if someone of us fork and develop, and then asking a merge to the master.
but it need to know the architecture and write code. If is there any guide to do that?
Ashish Patil
Apr 30 09:01
Quynh H Nguyen
Apr 30 09:07
Thanks! Here is the issue: mirumee/saleor#4043
@ashishnitinpatil Do you think that we could do that?
Ashish Patil
Apr 30 09:14
@huuquynh I don't think I can answer that without giving it quite some thought. But by the looks of it, it will definitely require substantial development time, if it's possible.
Quynh H Nguyen
Apr 30 09:23
Thanks! @ashishnitinpatil I'm will learn django right now, so long but I hope that it will help me a little.
Ray Besiga
Apr 30 14:25
Anyone else getting Webpack errors due to 'dashboard-next' when you run npm run build-assets? Here is my issue mirumee/saleor#4047
Apr 30 14:26

@raybesiga I saw your issue. I just want to double check, you did a npm install before, right?

Assets are built successfully as the necessary libraries are installed

You could try deleting .node_modules and installing back, may fix the issue :confused:
Ashish Patil
Apr 30 16:48
@raybesiga It's likely because your node version is unsupported (v10 is supported, v12 gave me issues)