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May 2019
Ray Besiga
May 01 08:56
Thanks @NyanKiyoshi @ashishnitinpatil the culprits were the package.json and package-lock.json files which i reset back to the repo status, deleted my node_modules and reinstalled and it worked!
Ray Besiga
May 01 09:07
Though it looks to me like my repo was way too behind. When i try to merge makemigrations, I get this weird KeyError mirumee/saleor#4051
Looks to me like the cart was replaced by checkout or something to that effect
May 01 09:41
@raybesiga yes, the cart was renamed to checkout. The error stack doesn’t tell anything tell anything useful… I believe it’s related to one of your changes. Did you generate some of your own migrations? Especially cart migrations?
That’s the only reason that I see, and if that’s the case, it’s easily fixable. Look for any cart references, that should lead to the cause.
Ray Besiga
May 01 12:54
Noted @NyanKiyoshi
Probably my own migrations!
Also guys, I am happy to announce that I launched my store today despite failing to upgrade to the latest version. Check it out here