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May 2019
May 03 06:16
Iam looking for saleor dev to work with
Please DM me
May 03 09:40
Are there any plans for a cart/checkout component that is easy to integrate into existing websites (e.g. built with hugo)? I guess it could be very useful for many, at least for me :)
May 03 09:44
I think so. But probably in some good while.
May 03 09:48
That would be cool. I will keep an eye open for it
Marcin Gębala
May 03 10:56
@dbannach_gitlab We were thinking about some kind of Saleor JS SDK that would underneath perform API calls to the server, allowing you to create and manage e.g. checkout or user account. Unfortunately we don't have now time and people to work on that as we're focus on different priorities. But I think the idea is really promising and would make using Saleor in the storefront very easy.
I hope we'll be able to tackle it this year.