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May 2019
Felipe Recalde
May 07 01:24
Hello Everyone: I'm evaluating Saleor . I'm listening to a podcast and wondering anyone could point me to articles and stress tests on the scalability
Ray Besiga
May 07 07:33
Hi @zehlon I am only using it this way as a work around. There is a fair bit of technical debt that I hope to address when I can afford to hire someone to help me.
Marcin Gębala
May 07 10:43
@designdream Hey, we have a series of articles on performance where we tested performance of different Python versions and Python web servers:
Unfortunately it's a bit old but it might give you some insight. In the near future we're planning to do comprehensive tests for Saleor performance to identify bottlenecks and optimize them.
May 07 16:07
is there or will there be a feature to upload a custom header image for the storefront? without manually having to change it in the project
Dushyant Rijhwani
May 07 17:03

Hey all; I was wondering if there was a way to disable the storefront in the django app. We have built our own storefront that talks to the graphql API (Thanks for that by the way)

If I remove the urls patters from the url file; the url resolution breaks when I try to go the dashboard.

The only other solution I can think of is to exclusively allow access to /dashboard and /account using nginx

May 07 20:03
Hi there, I am testing Saleor and I got stuck in a very basic feature: I am uploading product images and they are not showing neither in the dashboard nor the front-store. The backend is deployed on heroku. The documentation says something about use S3 to store media files, but I thought it could be optional. Is it mandatory? Use S3 to store the product images?
Dushyant Rijhwani
May 07 20:15

@aldomonteiro I am not sure what the problem is, maybe as the images have to be written to the filesystem, heroku might not give permissions to the app server to write stuff to the filesystem. Have you looked into the server logs to see if there is any error when you're uploading the images?

Anyway I don't think it is a good idea to store images in the filesystem of the server for the following reasons:

  1. You're using Heruko, Heruko doesn't guarantee that the docker images will always be running (They might reboot) and all the non persisted data, including images will be lost (This applies to any Paas/cloud provider)
  2. If you scale up; the new pods/containers will not have access to images in the other containers
  3. You really don't want to serve images using the python application, it really slows down the whole app.

I would recommend using S3 (Or anything that supports s3 interface); it is not that hard. You need to set a few variables in settings or environment and it should be working.

May 07 20:25
@dushr I didn't find any error, it seems to upload correctly, but only shows a broken image link. However, your explanation makes sense, I'm gonna use S3 to serve these images.
Thanks a lot.