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May 2019
May 13 16:47
Chad Cassady
May 13 18:22

I just did a bunch of work on that last week, using Gitlab's CI tools. The marketing kinda pulls you in that direction. However, I ultimately figured out how Docker works and decided I didn't need autoscaling and all that fancy stuff till much later in this project, so I'd better save the free credit. So for dev staging, I just stood up a database and Redis on my Linode and proxied a single container with Apache.

To deploy to Google Cloud platform, understand Docker and Kubernetes. It will all make sense after that. Saleor comes with the dockerfile and everything -- you don't have to do any really hard stuff, you just gotta understand how it all works so you can make sense of the various hosting solutions.

BTW, @mirumee I been watching the issues for awhile, seeing discussions about using factoryboy and a few other enhancements, and I expect this rebuild I'm doing to touch on a few of them. I'm already using factoryboy in my branches. I'm adding a few wholesaler-focused features to Saleor for a client, and hope to share my work upstream where applicable.