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Nov 2015
Isiah Meadows
Nov 01 2015 12:21


Sorry for the delayed response, but I agree. The tests themselves still need quite a bit of refactoring, but to be fair, that's a lot of work to do in the span of about 3-4 days. I didn't really think much about the names or organization of the tests, other than making it clearly related to the code.

There's also still tests that need to be moved, deduplicated, and/or added. About a third of test/mithril.request.js belongs in test/mithril.deferred.js, and most of that is duplicated. About 20% of test/mithril.mount.js and a few parts in test/mithril.render.js belong in test/mithril.redraw.js. About a handful of tests in test/mithril.render.js belong in test/ test/mithril.startComputation.js needs a lot more tests than it does now. All it currently has are sanity tests. Not nearly enough to demonstrate stability. I think you get the point.

I still have school (it's nearing finals, and I still have a major assignment due in a couple days) and an internal Bootstrap-based Jade framework to finish. Not to mention a death in the family earlier today (my last living grandmother). I've been very busy.

And for all the complements, thank you! I appreciate them.
Barney Carroll
Nov 01 2015 12:35
Sorry to hear that @impinball
This is amazing work. As a rationalising of the code, it makes refactoring possible, and from there on functional work.
Patrik Johnson
Nov 01 2015 13:53
WTG @impinball , looks like a herculean effort! Sorry to hear about your loss, I wish you the strength to see everything through in what obviously is a hectic time
Nov 01 2015 22:29
Trying to get more of an understanding of when to re render DOM elements. Any advice on this