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Repo info

    Hi, I'm trying to use mitmproxy for iOS Diagnosis but require version 0.10 because the script will not work with the current version. I have tried using

    brew tap homebrew/versions 
    brew search mitmproxy

    to find earlier versions but that returns only Caskroom/cask/mitmproxy
    Does anyone know how I can install 0.10?

    Oleg Sucharevich
    Anyone here ?
    RealGame (Tomer Zait)
    Hi guys :)
    I need help with tiny thing...
    Davi S. Zucon
    Hi, is anyone even here/
    Marcelo Moreira de Mello
    I'm :)
    Davi S. Zucon
    im too
    Hello All
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    Hey guys, anyone know the proper firewall rules for setting up mitmproxy on a bridge? Basically as a totally transparent proxy?
    Hey guys! Anyone online?
    = =
    why not clone the code
    is any body here?
    Ari Lacenski
    Running command-line mitmproxy on a mac, if I click with the mouse on any request, I get into a detail view of that request.
    How do I go back to the list of all logged traffic?
    Brett Randall
    @tensory see bottom-right corner, ?:help q:back
    Manuel Iglesias
    Hi folks :)
    Have any of you had success setting headers (via setheaders option) for websocket handshakes?
    I am trying this without success:
    setheaders ['/~q & ~websocket/X-Something/Something']
    Manuel Iglesias
    This worked
    mitmproxy --set console_mouse=false --set stream_websockets=true --set setheaders='/~hq Upgrade/X-Some-Header/SomeValue'
    can anyone tip me off or explain me how to intercept hsts requests with mitmproxy ? i had already truststored mitm certificate but it does't make a difference.
    @nutcrack I don't think this is supported, correct me if I am wrong, but hsts is not accepting any self signs certifiats.
    @HasBert yes, i'm afraid you'r right, but i hoped there could be some getaway or a hidden parameter to set or unset, unfortunately hsts uses a restricted encryption policy with immediate variants like local timestamp. a slight change will break the whole process.
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    Hi guys, I need some help with mitmproxy. Is it possible to force mitmproxy to request certificate from client?