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Repo info
    Hello everyone, I am new to this group and was wondering if there were any mentors out there i could team up with
    Erdeni Erdyneev
    hi everybody....i am newbie...any mentor to train me ?
    from where to start any good project to learn?
    kushal bhatta
    Hi. Just a quick message. A new tool for web development, including Android app development, is open for free to beta testers.
    It helps you debug Android apps in the wild. In a Talkback enabled hybrid app, you can send back messages that can be monitored by you from within the comfort of jResponse Builder – the jResponse IDE.
    Give it a try and post back your experience, thx.
    Rafael Saraceni
    @rayalarajsh you need to create folders inside your resource folder for each language you want to support. It's quite easy to do it using Android Studio
    @rayalarajsh if you for example to support Portuguese you create a folder inside your resource folders called values-pt and inside you put your strings.xml with the portuguese translated files. if you want to support spanish you create a folder values-es and you put a strings.xml file on it with the translations in spanish. the pattern is values-xx where xx is the code for the leanguage ( example: english = en, portuguese = pt, german = de )
    Alan Collins
    anybody know how send file to the rest service using retrofit
    I can create epoch time using System.getTimeInMillis() right? But the response is in UTC. How do I change that to reflect my current time zone?
    Hello all. Great place ;)
    Hello guys, i need information on how to startup an android app development
    Hi all, I have an issue.
    I'm in an ACtivity (MyActivity), i click an button to start ACTION_LOCALE_SETTINGS.
    ater change language finish, It created a new activity,
    How can I come back MyActivity ????
    hi everybody....i am newbie...any mentor to train me ?
    from where to start any good project to learn?
    Swapnil Gupta
    this is a good point to start ...
    I learnt from this course and then went on to do the second course..
    quite good MOOCs
    Akshay Thalakoti
    Hey guys. Need help badly on this. To create a live screensaver app sort of a thing for an android phone. Which displays a company's name, with customized live ads.
    Marc Miralles
    Hey guys. Someone knows how to refresh an RecyclerView from click in other RecyclerView in de same activity. I have two Recyclerview in horizontalmode in the same activity I need click in first recyclerview and refresh second recyclerview with new data.Thanks.
    Nitin Chandran Nair
    Hey guys
    I need some help with Android app development
    newbie here :P
    I hope i am at the right place :)
    Nitin Chandran Nair
    I am trying to create a simple google maps apk that detects user's location
    but my apk shows blank screen when run on phone.. and shows map in emulator
    pls help
    Hello guys
    Hi guys
    samuel wambua
    @NitinNair89 what sort of help are you looking for?
    Shivanjan Chakravorty
    Can anyone help me with running webview as a background service?
    @Glitchfix Webview runs on ui thread....
    cant be in background
    Tung Pham
    Ravi Prakash
    Hello folks. New to this but excited...
    Shivanjan Chakravorty
    Found an alternative to run webview on srrvice thread took me to build a whole different socket connection LOL 😂
    can anyone tell me ow tofetch data from sdcard to view photos in gallery
    Shivanjan Chakravorty
    Can anyone help me find Android's sdkmanager's source code?
    @sachinp224_twitter you just need to add a permission to read and write to external memory
    what does this warning means in android studeio
    uses or overrides a deprecated API.
    how to remove it?
    Hi everyone, I'm having issues in downloading a file from firebase storage, the url is being imported but it's not getting downloaded. Need help ...
    Michael Pugh
    Hello, guys I am trying to create and android file.