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Yoshida Nozomi
self.tabBarController = [[UITabBarController alloc] init];
Property 'tabBarController' not found on object of type
self.window.rootViewController = self.tabBarController;
UITabBarController *tabBarController = [[UITabBarController alloc] init];
yuichi takeda
https://github.com/mixi-inc/iOSTraining/wiki/2.2-UITabController ここに載っているソースコードなんですが、こちらのプロジェクトと対になるものになります。https://github.com/mixi-inc/iOSTraining/tree/master/SampleProjects/2.2/MixiTabSample


@interface MixiAppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate, UITabBarControllerDelegate>
@property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;
@property (strong, nonatomic) UITabBarController *tabBarController;


資料の方も修正しました! @woshidan さん
Yoshida Nozomi
Sota (Sam) Yamashita
can anybody help me Internationalization of ios app
Anar Enhsaihan
Hey guys, what's up?
Alessandra Davila
How can I learn to code for ios ?
Gus P
hey all why is this not working?
Aimoré Sá
Anar Enhsaihan
hey man
Aimoré Sá
the topics are in japanese?
Anar Enhsaihan
I don't see anything for that link @staycreativedesign
Rafael Saraceni
quick question: is there a native UIView based soltuion for autocomplete TextField in iOS?

I have AllOrganizacionUIView class, I used UISearchBarDelegate delegate, on workink
class AllOrganizacionUIView: UIView , UISearchBarDelegate {

@IBOutlet var SearchBar: UISearchBar!
var searchActive : Bool = false
func searchBarTextDidBeginEditing(searchBar: UISearchBar) {
searchActive = true;

func searchBarTextDidEndEditing(searchBar: UISearchBar) {
searchActive = false;

func searchBarCancelButtonClicked(searchBar: UISearchBar) {
searchActive = false;

func searchBarSearchButtonClicked(searchBar: UISearchBar) {
searchActive = false;


I Have use UISearchBarDelegate delegate in ViewController class

class ViewController: UIViewController{
@IBOutlet var SearchBar: UISearchBar!
// not working
func searchBarShouldBeginEditing(searchBar: UISearchBar) -> Bool {
self.CircleImageView_3.image = UIImage(named: "FullCircle")
self.CircleImageView_2.image = UIImage(named: "Circle")
self.CircleImageView_1.image = UIImage(named: "Circle")
self.mMainCategory.hidden = true
self.mAllCategores.hidden = true
self.mAllOrganizations.hidden = false
self.FooterViewController.text = "Основные категории"

    return true


Andrei Mistetskiy

guys, I have some problem with Realm DB.

https://codeshare.io/xxmZd - it`s my test model

https://codeshare.io/kRudQ - it`s my api manager class

https://codeshare.io/HegAw - my ViewController

and these are errors

https://codeshare.io/6wUh3 when I `m trying to save result to DB

Prajwal Kumar Balugu
Hi guys I have created test project in eclipse and I am installing it through appuim server I am getting signing identity error if I install through xcode and running tests through appuim server without full reset successfully executed test cases, I am facing issue while installing ipa file through appuim in real device. (Did anyone faced issue ) .How to resolve it?
Tom Tong
Hello. Could I run python script with NSTask in iOS9?
Hello world
I am a new person
you want learn iOS ?
Kalyan Gautham
I need help in importing data through an API into my app when my app is terminated. Can someone please guide me?
hi... do you people recommend any place, tutorial or something like that to learn swift programming? tnks ppl
Marie Dikhaminjia
@Boottexy iwant the same for objective c
@Libot i think we are screwed ;)
Alejandro Chacón
Hi guys... I want to ask a question but i dont know where to... Yesterday I built an .ipa file at the morning, changed nothing but "appname" and generated a second one at the afternoon... New .ipa files I build since then are 2MB smaller! I changed no other configuration neither code. The app works exactly the same... any clues of what is happening or why?
Jagdeep Matharu

Hello, I just joined this group seeking some help in Objective-c code, i am following Stanford Objective c CS193P course, I am stuck at first assignment, in brief -> when i click on card i should get a random card from the deck, i have completed code following classwork but on cliking button i am getting ‘(null)’, i am trying to figure this out but still stuck, can any one help me or can guide me where (which forum/gitter) i can get help. Thanks in advance .

here is the code: https://github.com/iOSJMatharu/Matchismo/tree/master/Card%20Game

zack brody
i need help with my objective c programing on tree house
Hello World!
Kirtikumar A.
hey I need to well architect my code
can anyone suggest me the best way
my application has more than 500 files in obj -c
Kirtikumar A.
I need crash report of the app store app
without using third party lib
is there any alternative there ?
saeed zakipour
hello everyone , how can i use camera in my iOS app ?
Pepe Becker
Hello everybody, I have a question: Is it possible to implement the delegate methods of a child UITableViewController inside a subclass of a UINavigationController?
@avaiyakirtib If you want more perfection and if u have more time. I suggest u VIPER
Did someone make maps night mod which depends on sunrise and sunset time
Anyone please confirm, testflight is down or not?
First time