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Repo info
    Jared Malcolm
    I'm having issues after the latest update.
    Plugin appears to load correctly and the bottom bar of vs code updates with a "Preparing deployment", but this never goes away and the file isn't uploaded.
    Jared Malcolm
    Scratch that. I rebuilt the settings.json and it's working now.
    Jared Malcolm
    Are there any suggestions to speed up deployment via SFTP? Timing a single file change from save to fully deployed is just at 10 seconds 9.5~ of that appears to be detecting the change.
    Patrik Jajcay

    Hey @mkloubert , I found a little bug with diffBeforeDeploy as target property.

    When I have more targets configured and I deploy to one of them on every save, and the same one of them has "diffBeforeDeploy": true, everytime I save a file, I get a dialog that asks where I want to deploy the file - with all the targets listed there.

    Also I would have some ideas on how to improve this feature (I was the one who requested it :)), if interested
    I just installed Deploy extension and configured sftp target, when I push a file it goes to "Preparing deployment" indefinitely, how I can trace what's going on?
    Carlos E Silva
    Hello there, we are running into a "All configured authentication methods failed" is there any way to get a more detailed error log?
    @mkloubert how to remove the deploy successed message?“sourcepath has been successfully deployed to targetdir”。This message must be manual close it and the tips is unnecessary...
    I just want to get failed message,not successed.
    @joseba same here, did you find a solution?
    @jaredmalcolm can you +1 me at mkloubert/vs-deploy#119
    paging @mkloubert due to severity for multiple people
    João Umberto Ciocca de Almeida
    I've had a problem with multiple target and deployOnSave since january, posted on an issue but got nothing... anyone have any idea? https://github.com/mkloubert/vs-deploy/issues/120#issuecomment-360200652
    Daniel Modrý

    /home/andel/.vscode/extensions/mkloubert.vs-deploy-14.0.0/out/src/deploy.js :726

                                    if (resultMsg) {
                                        afterDeployButtonMsg = resultMsg;
                                    + if (!err) me.outputChannel.hide();

    Fixes focus in logwindow for me.

    is there any way to disable this pop-up