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Faisal Shahzad

Hi All,
I am creating an android app which will be used to analyze golf shots. I am using cameraX api to get the frames into surfaceview and analyze callback to further processing.

Initially I am using Google Ml-kit object detection to detect the ball but video lags too much that most of the frames are skipped.

How can I use frames in realtime as there maybe 2,3 frames having the ball because the shot will be too fast?

I have tried to gather the frames as bitmaps into an ArrayList and then use that list for further processing but the number of frames vary for a 5 second video.

Should I record the video first for a constant time 5s and then extract frames from it?

Note: The above implementation is for starting because later I need to detect shot in realtime which I tried to detect the ball + detecting the specific sound but in vien.
Furthermore, I need to calculate framrate also which will later be used to calculate the speed of the ball.

Please suggest of any better implementation.


Hi @Chienjen,
You can use this library to use svg in your layouts.

It will provide SVGImageView class which you can use in your xml layout files.



I have 5,000 txt files. I want to create a mobile app to do full text search

When i looked for it few suggested the following

a) use sqlite fts5 (or)
b) search-index library

I'm now sure what the drawbacks and how much slower sqlite would be when to do a full text search for 5,000 files which can be converted to 5,00,000 records as each file would have 100 paragraphs and each paragraph can be saved as a row

Is it worth to put 5 lakhs records in SQLite and do a full text search. Will it be faster?

Please let me know in detail


I'm looking for a android mobile app - open source or commerical to search huge pdfs - i found one for IOS - https://pdfsearch.app/ but couldn't find one for android. Can anyone suggest me ??? Is there is any software or template or mobile app does this for android
Ilyas Zalyalov
Привет всем!!! Подскажите пожалуйста ссылку на пример либо инфу где почитать по такому отображению в Android? язык java (через TableLayout) , не могу найти: (предоставленная ссылка для Ios) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_zqfes6FJI
добрый день разработчики, есть кто работал с хуавей AppLinking гадит ошибкой com.huawei.agconnect.applinking.AppLinkingException: code: 204865654 message: [AppGalleryConnectLinkManageService]the ios bundleId does not have permission
Guys, need help with 3d secure Android using stripe? with new dependency it need to submit 25 parameters
Steven Gopaldas
Hello Guys!
Can anyone help me with the algorithm on the Filtering concept in an Android app. for example if there are 10 movies, how can we filter those 10 movies and show one?
Sivaram Subramanian
Why doesn't android compile .oat or native binaries directly when building apk, so that there would be no compilation of .dex required after installing the app?
I have a question on javascript. can someone help me on the javascript issue?

I want to read 3 crore csv rows which is of 2GB csv file size and need to insert into MySQL via Java.

Could someone please help me know the fastest and memory efficient way to avoid out of memory exception as well load in lesser time?

Please kindly advise.

which is the best open source reporting tool for java application which has open source designer as well?
Yashwardhan Pauranik

We are planning to test the android app to Open testing, but once the app is stable enough, we would like to roll it out to production.

I understand the part that, the users will be migrated to higher version code, as answered here.

My doubt:

Will the number of downloads (which are displayed on play store) persist for production?

For eg - Open testing has 1000 downloads and now we rolled out to production and got 3000 downloads. What will be the download count in that case that is visible to the users?

3000 (Production only) or 1000 + 3000 = 4000 (Open + Production)?

what happens when a View/ViewGroup tries to modify its own dimensions inside a container that positions/resizes it such as LinearLayout or ConstraintLayout ?

Why doesn't android compile .oat or native binaries directly when building apk, so that there would be no compilation of .dex required after installing the app?

those are probably specific to the android OS implementation

Как правильно делать адаптив под андроид экраны? Пожалуйста пните в нужном направлении
How to make adaptive screens for Android?
Anton Belogurov
Привет. У меня проблема с релизом приложения на javascript vue quasar. Я формирую apk через cordova и debugg версия работает. Но когда выкладываю в google play приложение просто не открывается. Не пойму в чем проблема. Готов даже заплатить ща помощь. Напишите плиз в телеграм кто готов помочь @antbelogurov
hongjun li
hi I encountered a tough problems,i want to use code to change mainifest’s mata-data element value.
public static void putMataData(Context context,String key,int value) {

        if (context == null || MFCommonUtils.isEmpty(key)) {



        PackageManager pm = context.getPackageManager();

        if (pm == null) {



        ApplicationInfo applicationInfo;

        try {

            applicationInfo = pm.getApplicationInfo(context.getPackageName(),PackageManager.GET_META_DATA);

            if (applicationInfo.metaData == null) {




            Log.e("lhj","set value”);

        } catch (PackageManager.NameNotFoundException e) {

even if i call this method in application,and. use the mata-data in MainActivity .it seem to later to make it work
but if i debug the app it’s worked
hongjun li

before i add the meta-data in manifest

            android:value="1024" />

now i delete the xml code, and use java code to do this.

Brayan J55
I've learned a lot of HTML code from this group, and I really enjoy it. https://3utools.online/ https://movie-box.info/ https://zinitevidownload.net/
With the rise in cybercriminal activities, several countries have imposed rules and regulations on IT solutions. Due to high volume data interoperability, sensitive data are at constant risk of being hacked, tampered and accessed without authorization. Hence, major android app development company in bangalore have started adhering to security rules and regulations to avoid legal actions and penalization.
@kmormysh вы здесь? есть пару вопросов
Olsi Hoxha

I have this code and when I run it it gives me this error

layout/fragment_list: Binary XML file line #4 in com.olsi.tutorial:layout/fragment_list: Error inflating class layout

I have the proper implementation as suggested by the docs

Jeff Sharn
Is anyone using Endtest to do functional testing for their Android app?
i want use spinner dropdown with icon
how to ?
Hello @runtomaker, review this article https://www.tutorialsbuzz.com/2019/09/android-kotlin-custom-spinner-image-text.html there is explained how to implement it
you need to override ArrayAdapter and change the layout for itemView like there custom_spinner_item
if you need the same icon for your item view layout you can use the default implementation of ArrayAdapter and override just the layout of item and sat icon in this layout
Юлія Бобильова
anyone happen to have experience with using cordova?
Jeff Sharn
Does anyone know how this is generated?
It's from a fully Native Android app.
Isiah cloyd
I see it's a file for a Galaxy S3 holding information from someone
Hieu Vu
I made my Android Groceries Store app open-source
Groceries Store is a project to help people order grocery online. The main purpose of this project is to demonstrate modern Android development skills in real production environment, reduce the learning curve when jump into Android development world.
Isiah cloyd
I come across a nice project - https://github.com/simon987/sist2 and just for reference
Isiah cloyd
Thats an awesome move to make to be honest
Jeff Sharn
hey guys hiw can i include check box inside edit text like in todo apps
Alex Andre

Hi all guys!

Our team in Lab3l.io works on monetization growth of Mobile/Entertainment and Media Apps through the Rewarded Tasking SDK.
That gives up to 2-fold growth in eCPM and an increase in engagement of apps users.

Now we are looking for App developers who are ready to test our SDK for a good fee (minimal integration).

If you are interested to discuss the details type me in TG @investburg

Vivek Singh

Hi Folks,
Need quick support. Use case:
The user is having only Belarusian keyboard installed in the android device and when user goes to Password field - it prompts the QWERTY keyboard with a globe icon at the end which allows him to switch the language.

Switching the language fills the password in a wrong character, as non-ascii character are inputted.
I have tried setting up input with setInputType(InputType.TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_VISIBLE_PASSWORD);
but once the keyboard is switched it remains same, all the places in belarusian - where I need to the QWERTY one.

Is their any way to achieve the above, currently I am setting TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_VISIBLE_PASSWORD & EditorInfo.TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_VISIBLE_PASSWORD - but once switch it doesn't work as expected.


Do we have any way to prevent switching of the language over a particular input field.

Android guys in the house