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Tural Sadık
for typescript or any transcompiled language, if there is a js version of the file does mocha use the existing file or does it transcompile any way?
Craig Taub
@tsadigov not sure i follow, but we have an example Typescript setup https://github.com/mochajs/mocha-examples/tree/master/typescriptl have a look and see if that answers your question.
Tural Sadık
thanks a lot @craigtaub . I change my moduleloader in tsconfig using AMD for using in browser and common for running node/mocha tests. Noticed that if I have my AMD/compiled js files in the directory mocha does not use transcompiler and tries to use those files with error ReferenceError: define is not defined.
When I delete generated files and npm test it runs ok
it kind of makes sense to load the file if it already exists to save computing/time. But I want to disable this. By the after successful test execution there are no transcompiled files in the directory, so probably everything is done in memory.
Tural Sadık
Yesterday I solved my problem
It was because of the ts-node I am using
if there is a js file with the same name as ts file, ts-node assumes that it is ready for usage and does not transcompile using existing file. I could not find an option in ts-node to override this and I modified ts-node to match my need.
Hi I have 2 test.spec.js tc1.spec.js and tc2.spec.js, then I do npm test, it only run tc1.spec.js not tc2.spec.js, how to make mocha run all the spec.js file? in my package.json, I have this "scripts": {
"test": "mocha --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter $(find test -name '*.spec.js')"
Craig Taub
@tirzahtoh_twitter try mocha --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter *.spec.js.
Anders Moberg

Should I be able to pass along Promises to Mocha and have the fulfillment / rejection of said Promise be used as the result for the it? Because the below testing is appearntly succeeding, whilst giving me UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning in Node.. My presumption is that a rejection of a Promise should be a failing test.

it("should fail", function () { return Promise.reject(); })

Craig Taub
tried on node v12.2 + mocha v6 and 1 failing
Anders Moberg
@craigtaub I'm on node 10 with mocha v7 and that is failing (as in, test succeeds, Node assertion) for me.. I guess our Babel setup might be a bit busted.
Craig Taub
@AndersMoberg to check with a working babel example pull https://github.com/mochajs/mocha-examples/tree/master/babel and add your test.

Hey guys!
In Chrome 76 they disabled 'disable-infobars' flag.
I found and replacement for this,


...but can't get how can I pass this in chrome args. Can anybody advise?

Lars Willighagen
I'm getting the error "--reporter <reporter>" can only be specified once, did that change somewhat recently (say 6.0.0)?
it did, forget to check git blame
Muhammad Haj Yahya
Hello guys, I wanted to integrate mocha unit testing with my project, when I run ">mocha test --reporter mochawesome" I get unknown reporter mochawesome
I am able to run mochawesome programmatically but I would like to run it from the cmd
any one have any clue to solve this issue ?
Craig Taub
@mhmdmar with latest v6.2.0 I did below
  1. Using fresh babel example (https://github.com/mochajs/mocha-examples/tree/master/babel)
  2. npm i mochawesome
  3. mocha --reporter mochawesome
    works for me. Perhaps something with ur configuration.
//why my 2nd test fails? any suggestions?


function calculateSquare(number, callback) {
  setTimeout(() => {
    if (typeof number !== 'number') {
     callback('Argument of type number is expected');
    const result = number * number;
    callback(null, result);
  }, 1000);

module.exports = calculateSquare;


const calculateSquare = require('../calculate.js');
const expect = require('chai').expect;

describe('calculateSquare', function () {
  it('should return 4 if passed 2', function (done) {
    calculateSquare(2, function (error, result) {
      console.log('callback got called');
      done(); // call this when Async! 

  it('it should return an error if passed a string', function (done) {
    calculateSquare('string', function (error, result) {
      expect(error.message).to.equal('Argument of type number is expected');
callback got called
    ✓ should return 4 if passed 2 (1008ms)
    1) it should return an error if passed a string

  1 passing (2s)
  1 failing

  1) calculateSquare
       it should return an error if passed a string:

      Uncaught AssertionError: expected null to not equal null
      + expected - actual

      at /Users/nadia/test/calculate.test.js:15:28
      at Timeout.setTimeout [as _onTimeout] (calculate.js:8:5)

npm ERR! Test failed.  See above for more details.
Craig Taub
@nadiaschutz error is not an object, you have passed a string.
Change callback('Argument of type number is expected’); to callback(new Error('Argument of type number is expected'));.
Or assert on error as a string.
@craigtaub good catch! thanks!
Craig Taub
no worries
shemar dacosta
I've been having trouble with using mocha with spectron and babel
Babel isn't transpiling my components. my test script goes
"test": "mocha --require babel-core/register"
My .babelrc
    "presets": [
        "env",{"targets": {"node": "current"}}
Tejas Deshpande
I am looking to click through a dynamic list of links on a page and show those in the "describe" or "it" titles. Can anyone please suggest how this can be done?
Javier Pons
I'm looking to how I can get the code that write passing or failing on my test. The reason is that I want to save that result in db/show it in my Frontend.
Javier Pons
const assert = require("chai").assert;
const sayHello = require("../app").sayHello;
const addNum = require("../app").addNum;

//const app = require("../app");

describe("App", function() {
  it("app should return hello", function() {
    assert.equal(sayHello(), "hello");
  it("app it should be a string", function() {
    assert.typeOf(sayHello(), "string");
  it("should return 15", function() {
    assert.equal(addNum(8), "15");
  it("should be a number", function() {
    assert.typeOf(addNum(5), "number");
So that when Im getting the results on this simples tests and getting x passing y failing. How I can access to passing/failing text for use it as I want.
Peter Müller
@JavierPons Switch to a different reporter with structured data. The TAP reporter or the JSON reporter might be good bets
Javier Pons
@Munter Good shoot. Get it.
Peter Müller
Javier Pons
@Munter Thanks
Martin Quito
Hi! I'm new to Gitter. I'm trying to have mocha watch my source/project files and NOT the test files. how can I accomplish this? Also the test files and source/project files are in different directories. Thank you in advance!
Javier Pons
Im running
 const mocha = new Mocha({
            reporter: "json"
          const pathFile = `./test/${title}`;


          const runner = mocha.run(failures => {
            if (failures) console.log(true);
in the console I get a bunch of info. I would like to manipulate that info as I want. But when I console log runner the info that I get is very different as the info mocha run and show as default in terminal. I have been looking for info on the net with no results. Is it possible to access to ReferenceError an the json file?
Javier Pons
Can I manipulate all the info of running test?
Peter Müller
@JavierPons What are you trying to do?
Javier Pons
@Munter I want to access to the data that I get in terminal. I need info from that after running a test. I want to manipulate/use that info.
Mansi Jain
What could be the reason my mocha tests pass when individual files are run but fail when run concurrently?
@supermansi could you provide more information there could be a ton of reasons for that.
Which tests are failing when you run them together?
Peter Müller
@supermansi sounds like accidental shared state across tests
HI All
Can you let me know how to write unit tests for typescript classes
NGUYEN Chi Thanh
Hi all
can we specify modules path dynamically with mocha?